No earthquake around Cornwall Thursday afternoon: Earthquakes Canada

CORNWALL – While scores of people around Cornwall and South Stormont claim on social media they felt an earthquake, the federal government agency that monitors seismic activity says it registered nothing in the area Thursday afternoon.

“I thought it was a generator…you know how they go? It was like a boom kind of thing. We all felt it at the same time, it was weird,” a caller from Cornwall told Cornwall Newswatch, saying someone in Bonville also felt it.

But Earthquakes Canada says their instruments didn’t pick up anything.

“We’ve checked our records and we see no evidence for an earthquake in the Cornwall region any time this afternoon. So I’m not sure what people felt but it wasn’t an earthquake,” spokeswoman Allison Bent told Cornwall Newswatch.

Bent says it could possibly be blasting at a quarry or some sort of construction but they are not able to verify it.

Similarly, the U.S. Geological Survey had no evidence of an earthquake in Eastern Ontario.

It wasn’t long ago – about three weeks – the region experienced a real earthquake – a magnitude 3.2 shaker that was centered southeast of Kemptville.