Maxville woman to be sentenced in May in fraud investigation

CORNWALL – Sentencing for a Maxville woman in a fraud investigation has been put off until early May as her lawyer says they are working toward a resolution on those charges.

Jullie Robertson had been facing charges of fraud and making forged documents after an O.P.P. investigation revealed forged cheques and documents had been used to pull money from a charitable organization in North Glengarry in January 2018.

She had also faced charges in Kingston of defrauding her employer by taking money in order to cover up money errors while working on the boards of two North Glengarry non-profits – the Kenyon Agricultural Society and the Glengarry Highland Games.

Her lawyer, Ryan Langevin, asked for an adjournment during a court appearance last week (March 25) because his client is in the midst of gathering money for restitution and they are looking to resolve the charges.

“I’ve received funds from Ms. Robertson and I’ve spoken to my friend (Crown attorney) about resolving the Cornwall charges. Your honour may recall the Kingston charges have been…pleas (have) been entered on those charges and the Cornwall (North Glengarry) charges are outstanding,” Langevin told Judge Diane Lahaie Thursday during a court appearance by teleconference.

“Everything is going to resolve globally and I think we’re going to have an open sentencing hearing,” Langevin added.

The lawyer says he received a pre-sentence report on Wednesday (March 24) and the funds for restitution. A pre-sentence report (PSR) is prepared by a probation officer and looks at the offender’s history, thoughts and attitudes. The document is used by the judge to determine an appropriate sentence.

Judge Diane Lahaie granted the adjournment until the first week of May.