Sunshine List: North Dundas has highest paid lower-tier CAO

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – North Dundas had the highest paid chief administrative officer (CAO) of the six lower-tier municipalities in SD&G in 2020.

The township had three employees show up on the so-called “Sunshine List,” who made over $100,000 last year. The salary list was released Friday by the province.

CAO Angela Rutley earned $144,761 while Planning Director Calvin Pol brought home $114,230. The final workers was Treasurer John J. Gareau at $110,785.

In South Dundas, there were four employees. CAO Shannon Geraghty earned $142,114. Before leaving his position, Planning Director Donald J.W. Lewis made $112,962 in 2020. Fire Chief Cameron Morehouse earned $106,566 and Treasurer Sarah McMillan brought home $103,604.

There was only one employee who showed up in the Public Sector Salary Disclosure list for North Stormont. That was Roads Superintendent Blake Henderson at $105,902.

In South Stormont, five senior staff made the list. They were CAO Debi LucasSwitzer ($136,917), Corporate Services Director Loriann Harbers ($105,643), Public Works Director Ross Gellately ($114,638), Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau ($105,658) and Public Works Supervisor Mark Zoppas ($106,152).

There were also five staff in South Glengarry. Hired at the end of 2019, CAO Tim Mills made $134,533 in this first full calendar year with the township. Infrastructure General Manager Ewen MacDonald, who recently retired, earned $115,214. Community Services GM Joanne Haley brought home $104,912, CFO Lachlan McDonald earned $102,678 and Fire Chief Dave Robertson rounds out the list at $101,405.

In North Glengarry, there were four six-figure earners. CAO Sarah Huskinson ($137,514), CFO Kimberley Goyette ($112,146), Director of Building and Bylaw Jacob Rhaume ($110,899) and Community Services Director Anne Leduc ($105,103).

The United Counties of SD&G had seven people make the list. The top earner at the upper-tier government was CAO Tim Simpson at $182,056, followed by Transportation and Planning Director Ben de Haan at $151,293.

Information Technology (IT) Director Michel St. Onge earned $134,232 last year.

Hired in June 2019, CFO Rebecca Russell made $134,232 in her first full calendar year with the county. Operations Director Trevor Baker earned $105,150. Clerk Helen Thomson retired at the end of 2020 and finished her career with a salary of $104,282. Library Director Karen Franklin finishes off the county sunshine list at $103,598.

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