Cornwall’s ‘Sunshine List’ grew 12%

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The number of city employees in the $100,000 club grew by nearly 12 per cent last year.

The so-called “Sunshine List” of those in the public sector who made over $100,000 was released Friday as a requirement under the Ontario Pubic Salary Disclosure Act.

There were 182 people employed by the City of Cornwall on the list in 2020 compared to 162 in 2019.

The top paid Cornwall official is CAO Maureen Adams who earned $228,374 in 2020, an increase of almost $9,000 from the previous year.

The city’s financial manager also got a bump in pay. CFO Tracey Bailey made $167,243 last year – up $13,183 from 2019.

The list includes at least a dozen city managers and supervisors.

Fire Chief Jeff Weber made $150,638, up $48,087 from the year before. That’s because he received a pay increase when he moved from deputy chief to the chief’s position in September 2020.

There are 33 firefighters, eight fire captains, five platoon chiefs and three fire prevention officers on the list.

Police Chief Danny Aikman brought home $211,004 in 2020 – roughly $4,900 more than the year before. Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart made $177,802.

In the police department, there were 71 front line officers in on the list: 30 constables, 16 detective constables, 16 sergeants, three staff sergeants, three detective sergeants, one detective staff sergeant, two inspectors and an IT manager who were part of the 100K club.

EMS Chief Bill Lister was paid $171,870, an increase of $42,243 from 2019. Sixteen paramedics also made the list. It should be noted that the cost of wages and benefits for Cornwall-SDG Paramedic Services is shared between the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of SD&G.

You can find the entire list on the Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat website by clicking here.