Hiring survey shows solid Cornwall start for 2021

CORNWALL – After a fall of uncertainly due to the pandemic, Cornwall employers appear ready to have a solid start for hiring in 2021.

Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey for the first three months of 2021 shows a net outlook of +20 per cent – a 17 percentage point jump from the same period this year (Jan-March 2020).

There is no comparison to the previous quarter in Cornwall because Manpower wasn’t able to survey local business due to the pandemic.

“Cornwall is a distribution town. A lot of big distribution companies that are there. The outlook is a good 20 per cent because it’s a lot of commercial, a lot of retail, in regards to those distribution centers and there’s manufacturing also,” spokesman Anne-Marie Lanthier told Cornwall Newswatch.

Of the businesses surveyed, 22 per cent plan to hire, 4 per cent are planning to cut staff, 74 per cent are keeping things as is and no one was unsure of their plans.

The results are stronger than the national average, where 12 per cent plan to hire, 9 per cent plan cutbacks, 74 are going with the status quo and 5 per cent are unsure, based on a Canada-wide survey of 1,200 employers.

Lanthier says she’s not surprised that Cornwall employers know what they will do to start 2021 because “the pandemic shook up a lot of people…people didn’t know how to react, people didn’t know what tomorrow would bring.”

As for other strong growth areas in Eastern Ontario, Lanthier says “Kingston will be booming a bit” after “getting hit pretty hard” during the pandemic due to lost government and automotive sector jobs.

The biggest job growth across Canada will be in the Toronto area and Quebec City.