Purple fentanyl seized in two Cornwall drug busts

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A drug making headlines lately for overdoses has been seized in a series of two Cornwall drug busts over two weeks.

In all, the Cornwall Police Service Street Crime Unit and Criminal Investigation Division ended up with $26,000 in drugs and cash.

They searched a First Street home on Friday last week (Nov. 20) and then, based on information from that investigation, busted a William Street suspected drug trafficking operation yesterday (Nov. 26).

Among the drugs seized included purple fentanyl, also known as purple heroin, which has led to a local spike in overdoses and deaths.

There was also cocaine, cannabis, bear spray, a crossbow, machete, knives and ammunition seized as part of the investigation.

A 38-year-old Cornwall man is facing multiple charges.

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