Time for winter driving mindset: Cornwall safety supervisor

In this supplied photo, a diagram shows the blind spots on a snowplow where drivers should avoid. Not passing snowplows are among tips shared by Cornwall's safety supervisor on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020 after the area first appreciable snowfall. (Tommy Sauve/City of Cornwall via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – While residents are cleaning up from the season’s first appreciable dumping of snow, the city’s safety officer is reminding drivers to be cautious.

“Stay alert, slow down and stay in control,” Safety, Training and Operations Supervisor Tommy Sauve said Wednesday, mirroring a similar safety message from area police departments.

He says driving safe in the winter is “nothing more than the application of knowledge and skills combined with common sense.”

Sauve shared some points about winter driving, which include adjusting to the road and weather conditions, keeping a buffer spot between you and the vehicle in front of you, don’t pass snowplows and avoid situations where you have to brake suddenly.

He says you should also be packing a winter driving survival kit in your car that includes a blanket and some snacks, should you get stuck on the roadside.

Cornwall and SD&G was expected to have up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow from the weather system that moved through the area Tuesday and today.