Morrisburg roundabout should go out for bids this month

A diagram from a South Dundas council agenda on Monday, Nov. 2, 2020 shows the final design concept for the roundabout at County Road 2 and County Road 31 in Morrisburg, Ont. The streetscape design project is expected to go out for bidding later this month. (South Dundas via Newswatch Group)

MORRISBURG – The Morrisburg Streetscape plan for County Road 2 in the village should be going out for bids from contractors later this month.

SD&G Infrastructure Manager Michael Jans showed off the almost-final designs for South Dundas councillors Monday night, which includes the roundabout design at County Road 2 and County Road 31.

Jans says they hope to wrap up public consultation later this week after conducting site visits and meetings over the last three weeks. “I’m still engaged in several email back-and-forths with a few of landowners especially on the north side of County Road 2,” Jans said, answering a question from Deputy Mayor Kirsten Gardner on how much discussion would take place.

She also asked how the process would end. Jans says they have come to an agreement with landowners on entrances and others with “general concepts where there could still be an agreement found. It’s not outside the realm altering geometry later on. It could be done through change orders during the contract…those are still a possibility,” Jans said.

Some councillors inquired about whether raised medians along County Road 2 were warranted and if big trucks would still be able to navigate the new design. “There are still concerns from one landowner…they reached out to me this morning,” Jans said.

The entire project is estimated at $4.25 million, with $2.53 million coming from senior levels of government. The cost of the project is being shared roughly 75-25 between the county and South Dundas.

The roundabout will have six key design features: a concrete pad with block walls, adorned with riverstone and artificial turf and a set of three flag poles. Black metal letters will spell out the village name.

There will be seven pedestrian crossings: four at the roundabout, one west of St. Lawrence Street, one at County Road 2 and Cassell Road and one east of the Tim Hortons.

The county plans to issue the tender on Nov. 13 for a three week window. County council would approve the project at its Dec. 21 meeting.

Coun. Archie Mellan was concerned the contract have a “firm completion date” considering the work is the “heart of our largest village.” Jans answered that he didn’t believe there was a completion date but committed to resolve the completion date issue.