South Lancaster group wants waterfront benches, signs about history

In this picture from a Monday, Nov. 2, 2020 South Glengarry council agenda, a bicycle shows a proposed bench location at the end of Grace Lane near the South Lancaster Wharf. A group of local residents would like benches at the foot of the three streets near the wharf to take some pressure off the tourist location during the summer. (South Glengarry via Newswatch Group)

LANCASTER – A group looking to take pressure off a local tourist attraction, while it preserves and promotes the history of South Lancaster, wants waterfront benches and signs depicting the history of the area.

Bev Bethune with the History of South Lancaster Promotion Project will present the ideas from the “group of concerned citizens” tonight (Monday) to South Glengarry council.

They include park benches on the municipal right-of-ways at the end of Calvin Street, Grace Lane and Cairnview Road – three dead-end streets next to the South Lancaster Wharf.

The second proposal is historic signs at each of the three park bench locations, explaining the history of the area. “For example, the sign on Calvin Street could describe the Tannery that stood just to the west of the right-of-way and the sign on Cairnview (Road) would give the history of the Cairn,” Bethune wrote.

The ideas are meant to make visits from tourists  more enjoyable and take some pressure off the Wharf, “which is the central point of old South Lancaster (and) has become too busy and congested during the summer.”

The group of nine local residents plan to raise the $10,000 to do it but would also like help from municipal, provincial or federal governments.

The presentation to South Glengarry council is just after 7 p.m. tonight.