Two garbage bag limit in South Glengarry’s near future

South Glengarry councillor Stephanie Jaworski, who is also the chairwoman of the township's environment committee, will bring a recommendation from the committee to council that the garbage bag limit be reduced from eight bags a week to two bags a week. The committee met Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LANCASTER – South Glengarry’s environment committee is moving ahead with recommending to township council that the municipality move to a two garbage bag limit.

The topic came up Friday (Oct. 23) as the committee was looking at a municipal subsidy for cloth diaper use. The subsidy is not off the table but the committee won’t be proceeding with it.

Chairwoman Stephanie Jaworski described it as “schizophrenic” to have a subsidy while having the current eight (8) bag weekly limit for households. Jaworski says council would be “very receptive” to scaling down the limit.

The committee agreed that a staged approach would be best.

Committee member Mike Madden says it “blows my mind” that people are throwing out that much garbage in South Glengarry. Member Angie Parker added that there could be a staged approach but she had “high expectations” to get to two bags a week, similar to her previous home in Belleville, or “as low as we can go.”

The bag limit is scheduled to come up at South Glengarry’s Nov. 2 meeting.