South Glengarry should keep two winter plowing garages, study suggests

In this August 2018, file photo, the salt storage facility on Airport Road in South Glengarry. A consultant is recommending the township keep two garages -- one in North Lancaster and another on Airport Road, replacing Williamstown, in order to run its winter plowing operations. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LANCASTER – A consultant’s study suggests South Glengarry should keep two garages for winter plowing instead of centralizing operations on Airport Road near Summerstown.

KPMG will present its findings tonight (Oct. 5) of the so-called route optimization study.

After extensive calculation using GPS plow truck information and data modelling, it’s recommending that three winter plowing routes be run from the North Lancaster garage with another seven routes from Airport Road.

That’s more or less what it’s doing now as far as division of routes except that the location for the Williamstown routes would now be Airport Road, along with some tweaks.

KPMG believes it could shave a total of 3.7 hours off all plowing routes plus allow a truck to make an extra run on the township’s priority route, improving the service level.

The township currently plows 780 lane kilometers of road.

After tonight’s presentation, any feedback would be incorporated into the plan with the updated winter plowing routes in place by November.

South Glengarry is in the midst of having a $1.3 million public works garage built near its salt storage facility on Airport Road to replace the garage in Williamstown. The Williamstown location will be the future fire station.