Cornwall to approve garbage bag tag price, bulky item pickup program

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – Setting out extra bags of garbage at the curb will cost you $1.50 each.

That’s the recommendation for Cornwall City Council tonight (Monday) as it’s expected to give the go-ahead to bag tags for both residential garbage as well as a bulky item collection program.

The city says the cost of the bag tags and the bulky item pickup tags will cover the cost of handling, producing and selling the tags.

The garbage bag tags would be sold in sheets of 10, a staff report states. The initial plan is to sell them at city hall but that may branch out to other retail outlets based on sales, similar to how Cornwall Transit passes are sold.

The $1.50 tag cost is around the middle of the road compared to other municipalities. At the high end, Belleville and Brockville charge $3 per tag while North Bay and South Dundas charge $1 and $1.25 respectively.

The tags are coming into play as a weekly limit of four garbage bags (or two garbage containers), down from six, is set to begin next week (Oct. 5). That limit will further be reduced to two bags (or one container) per week on April 5, 2021.

The city hasn’t established the bulky item tag rate but for mattresses it will be at least $15 as that’s the city’s cost to dispose of them.

Bulky items considered are electronics, tires, furniture, and appliances without Freon.

As for covering that “full user pay program,” the city plans to hire a separate contractor to pick up bulky items.

It’s not expected to start before February.