Cornwall police officer’s first disciplinary hearing complete

CORNWALL – The first Police Services Act hearing concerning a Cornwall police officer’s discipline has been completed.

Cornwall Police Service Professional Standards spokesman Dan Maille told Cornwall Newswatch the two day in-person hearing at the Best Western for Const. Kevin Wells “went well as far as COVID-19” precautions.

The hearing was held Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 21-22).

A special constable was stationed at the door to the Cabaret Ball Room to make sure social distancing measures were being followed, Maille explained.

Wells is facing three counts of neglect of duty, two counts of discreditable conduct and one count of deceit.

Maille says the hearing officer has “a lot of material to cover” and doesn’t anticipate a decision, which will be in writing, will be available until December.

That’s when a second hearing is scheduled on December 7-11 for Wells on 22 more charges of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act.

Both sets of conduct charges are not related to any criminal charge. “Nothing criminal. It’s all discipline based,” Maille told Cornwall Newswatch last year.