Extended fall, milder winter for SD&G, The Weather Network says

In this graphic from The Weather Network, the weather agency is calling for an extended fall season and a milder-than-average winter for Eastern Ontario. (The Weather Network via Newswatch Group)

SD&G – Expect a longer fall and not a free fall into winter across SD&G.

The Weather Network is out this week with its fall outlook and is calling for an extended fall season and a milder-than-average winter.

The fall has arrived earlier than expected, it “does not signal an early start to winter,” meteorologist Chris Scott said.

In Eastern Ontario, the temperature will be above normal and precipitation will be normal for this time of year.

“Cooler air is going to dominate for the early part of fall…but then things will flip around and we’re going to see high pressure dominate…so that means above-normal conditions in terms of temperatures,” a staff meteorologist said.

Temperatures typically drop two to three degrees every week for the period of September through November but it won’t be a sudden plummet into winter.

“Above normal temperatures are expected for the winter season. This means less severe cold, but an abundance of messy wintry weather can still readily occur with a milder pattern,” the weather agency said.

That’s because La Nina – the band of cold water in the Pacific Ocean – is expected to move away from North America, giving a milder weather pattern for Eastern Canada and Ontario.