Speeding problems arise in Long Sault

In this July 2019, file photo, an SD&G O.P.P. cruiser blocks off the east entrance to Cherry Avenue in Long Sault, Ont. The O.P.P. says they are dealing with recent problems with speeding in the Cherry Avenue and French Avenue area. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LONG SAULT – A police officer with SD&G O.P.P. says there are new problems with speeding in the north end of Long Sault.

Staff Sgt. Todd Quinlan outlined the traffic safety concerns for South Stormont councillors Wednesday afternoon.

“We’ve recently received some concerns about traffic in the Cherry Avenue, French Avenue area in Long Sault and we’ve begun our data collection in that regard. It is a new development there and there is an extension of an existing street that has changed some traffic patterns,” Quinlan said.

The officer added that “we have received some information on somebody that may be of interest to us” in regard to compromising public safety in that area.

While there has been complaints of speeding on Farran Drive in Ingleside, Quinlan says they have completed data collection in the area and “the number of concerns or instances where there has been speeding aren’t as high we we’re led to believe.” Enforcement is still taking place around there.

The O.P.P. also held a blitz on Highway 138 over the Labour Day weekend and Quinlan says the results were “promising” because the number of infractions was lower than average.

“I’m hoping that trend continues.”