South Stormont ratepayers ‘lazy’ with recycling during pandemic: Gellately

South Stormont Public Works Director Ross Gellately. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LONG SAULT – South Stormont’s public works director has characterized local taxpayers as “lazy” with recycling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ross Gellately made the remark Wednesday afternoon as council was looking at rolling back the temporary increase on the garbage bag limit.

Since April, Gellately says the amount of garbage increased by about 5 per cent or 61 metric tons while the amount of recycling went down by 4 per cent or 11 metric tons.

“So not only did, with the extra bag, I think people got a little bit on the lazy side. The other thing is we also noticed the tonnage in August was lower than in 2019 so I’m hoping things are getting back to normal,” the director said.

Asked by Deputy Mayor Dave Smith whether there was more garbage because people were eating at home during the pandemic, Gellately doesn’t believe that’s the cause.

“That’s why we started it because people said there were going to be more people at home. In retrospect, we don’t increase that to a three bag limit in the summer months when the students are home from school,” Gellately answered.

The bag limit, which had been three since the beginning of the pandemic, will revert to two bags at the end of the month.