Second person charged in Cornwall golf club attack

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A second man has been charged in connection to last week’s golf club attack in Cornwall.

As Cornwall Newswatch first told you Wednesday, a 41-year-old Cornwall man was charged after the victim was hit with a golf club on Monday (Aug. 31).

At the time, city police alleged the accused conspired with others to carry out the attack early Monday morning in the city where the victim was whacked with a golf club before having his wallet, cell phone and other personal items stolen.

Today (Sept. 8), police announced they made a second arrest on Friday of another Cornwall man.

The accused – also 41 years old – is charged with robbery, three counts of assault, conspiracy, possession of a dangerous weapon and breach of a release order for having a weapon and not following a curfew.

With both men charged with assault with a weapon with a single golf club, it would appear that both accused took turns clubbing the victim. However, police spokesman Stephanie MacRae could not confirm that citing that it is details of an active investigation.

“While I am unable to disclose details specific to the assault, both individuals were charged with the same criminal offences due to their involvement in this investigation and having conspired to commit the offence,” MacRae told Cornwall Newswatch.

The victim was treated at the Cornwall Community Hospital for his injuries, which were characterized as minor.

Police add that it wasn’t a random attack – the accused and the victim knew each other.

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