Letter to the Editor: Taxing the richest people will strengthen social safety net

This year, the Cornwall and District Labour Council will not meet at our traditional picnic. We will invite all to visit the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Facebook page at 1 p.m. to join a Watch Party to launch the Forward Together campaign and hear inspirational speakers.

At this critical moment in history, people living in Canada must seek to improve the financial and social conditions of all. Forward Together addresses three critical priorities to help our country recover and to keep us safe in the future.

1. Replace Lost Jobs with Better Ones: With over 2 million jobs lost, we need a shovel-ready plan to replace those jobs with better ones. The government must kick-start local economies, by hiring people to build green infrastructure, to educate our youth and to care for others.

2. Strengthen Canadian Public Healthcare: Make seniors safe by making long-term care part of public health care. Help families make ends meet by adding prescription drugs to Canada’s health care system.

3. Disaster-Proof Our Social Safety Net: When the next economic disaster hits, we need to make sure Employment Insurance is there for everyone who needs it and we have a plan for childcare that works for families. We need to invest in things that keep communities strong, like affordable housing. We will pay for these changes by raising taxes on the wealthiest among us. Canada should raise taxes on wealthy individuals and the big businesses that made record profits in the pandemic and use those funds to help Canada recover and keep us safe.

For further information, please visit the CLC social media and website.

In solidarity,
Louise Lanctot
Cornwall and District Labour Council