Summerstown waterfront home gets township approval

A diagram from a South Glengarry council agenda shows the proposed 3,000 square foot waterfront home that will be built on County Road 2, west of Summerstown, Ont. Council approved a special site plan control agreement on Monday, July 20, 2020 for the home. (South Glengarry via Newswatch Group)

SUMMERSTOWN – South Glengarry will see another large home fill in a vacant spot along the shore of the St. Lawrence River near Summerstown.

Township council approved a site plan control agreement last week to allow a 3,000 square foot single-story home to be built at 19126 County Road 2, across the road from the former Legion of Christ Catholic School building.

De Saulniers Construction is expected to apply for a building permit shortly, council heard.

The building approval had to go through a special site plan control agreement, which is required for all properties south of County Road 2 and the South Service Road that are less than one acre.

Given how close the properties are to each other and their proximity to the river, the site plan control agreement also addresses drainage.

Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden called the 0.79 acres a “stunning piece of property” and that he looked forward “to see(ing) it developed properly.”

In recent years, the strip of land on the south side of County Road 2 from Glen Walter to Lancaster has seen a number of properties revitalized.