Near drowning at Morrisburg beach

(Newswatch Group/File)

MORRISBURG – There were some harrowing moments for beach-goers at the Morrisburg beach Saturday after a young boy nearly drowned in the St. Lawrence River.

SD&G O.P.P. and Cornwall-SDG Paramedic Services were called to the municipal beach at 85 Canada Way just before 6 p.m. Saturday.

An eyewitness says someone was performing CPR on the boy before police and paramedics arrived.

Const. Tylor Copeland told Cornwall Newswatch they responded to a report of a child being brought out of the water. “Upon our arrival the child was conscious and breathing with paramedics.”

“The child is fine,” Copeland added on the victim’s condition.

Cornwall-SDG Paramedic Services Chief Bill Lister says they got the call around 5:47 p.m. Saturday about the near drowning.

Due to rules around patient and caregiver consent, Lister could not provide any other details.

It’s not the first accident in the water in that area this season. Late last month, a North Dundas man drowned at the Morrisburg public dock, just west of the beach, after having a medical episode in the water.