The Care Centre has one month to sort out heating supply: city

Cornwall paralegal John Robinson points to a notice from the City of Cornwall on the front door of The Care Centre on Friday, June 12, 2020. The City of Cornwall says it will disconnect the hot water and heating to the building again on Aug. 17, 2020 if the owners don't sign a contract with a supplier before then. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – The City of Cornwall says The Care Centre has about a month to sort out its hot water and heating supply issue before it’s disconnected again.

The city stepped in last month after Cornwall District Heating cut off the hot water and heating June 10 at the tail end of a dispute over signing a long term contract for the health specialist and seniors’ housing building at 510 Second Street East.

In February, The Care Centre owners and CDH signed a temporary agreement which had the owners submit a $50,000 deposit and pay $20,344 in arrears.

But a conversion to an independent natural gas boiler system ran into delays with the coronavirus pandemic. Robinson says they asked CDH for a two month extension, but when the agreement expired, CDH cut the hot water. Robinson adds that they even tried to submit a $43,000 draft June 10 to stop the disconnection but it went ahead away. The disconnection triggered the city to assume control of the account one hour later under the vital services bylaw.

In a statement posted to its website Friday night, the City of Cornwall says they are “now taking steps to notify the occupants…about the pending disconnection, which will occur on August 17, 2020; and additional supports and social services the City may be able to provide.”

City officials attempted to do that Friday morning, which Orr recounted with Cornwall Newswatch Friday about a heated exchange between himself and between 14 and 20 city brass, police and paramedics.

The city’s statement says the heating and hot water can be reinstated by “contracting with Cornwall District Heating or another supplier” but it has been given no information about what’s being done.

Cornwall Acting Chief Building Official Charles Bray did not return a call requesting comment. In an email Friday afternoon, Bray mentioned the statement would be coming.