SD&G under level one drought

The section in green on this map is overseen by the Raisin Region Conservation Authority. The section in white and North and South Dundas, not shown, are managed by the South Nation Conservation Authority. Both conservation authorities have declared a level one drought. (RRCA via Newswatch Group)

SD&G – The region’s two conservation authorities have declared a level one drought in SD&G.

Under a level one designation, the South Nation Conservation Authority and the Raisin Region Conservation Authority are asking people and businesses to cut their water use by 10 per cent.

The SNCA says that can be done by not washing your car or watering your lawn.

The RRCA says over the past three months the amount of rain is less than 80 per cent of what we would normally receive.

Both agencies say it’s been a hot, dry spring and the persistent hot temperatures with little rain are affecting the water table.