Tyotown subdivision conditionally approved

Five homes will be built along this strip of land on the south side of Tyotown Road in South Glengarry, seen here on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The township has given conditional approval to the subdivision plan. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

TYOTOWN – A small subdivision along Tyotown Road has been given conditional approval by South Glengarry.

The township council approved the Tyotown Heights subdivision last week, which will see five homes built on the south side of the road, west of Purcell Road.

The plan already went through a public meeting a few weeks ago and there were no objections. Township planner Joanne Haley told council a couple of residents participated and were “really seeking clarification on exact location, housing types, concerns with access and multi-residential development.”

The five lots will have driveways on Tyotown Road.

Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden asked whether the township could lower the speed limit since the five lots are at the crest of a hill. Right now, the speed limit on the road is 60 kilometers an hour. Infrastructure General Manager Ewen MacDonald answered that it could be changed through a bylaw.

The subdivision still has to be approved by the United Counties of SD&G, which has authority over subdivisions in the region.

After that, Grant’s Dairy Inc. will have three years to meet the conditions of development and register the five lots before they can be sold and houses built.

With subdivisions, a developer usually has to set aside a certain percentage of space for parkland. Since this development is so small, the developer will give the township five per cent of the value of the land in cash, which will be used for other parkland projects in the Glen Walter area.

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