Letter to the Editor: More compassion for a segment of the population

With COVID-19 we live under different rules.

Firstly, we are asked to self quarantine 14 days, keep a two meter distance rule, limited number of shoppers in a store, consider wearing a mask, and many more restrictions all for our own safety against the virus.

Our governments of all colours — federal, provincial and municipal — are all working very diligently in keeping us safe.

But, there is one part of the population that it seems people are not having much compassion for and that is the elderly and the those that may have a physical handicap.

While shopping a number of times at different locations with long lineups waiting to get in, I often noted seniors with walkers, perhaps with a cane in hand, and also a number of people who have a noticeable physical handicap.

These people must stand in line like others. I would think these individuals should be given priority to enter the retail establishment first or at least every second person.

In these times when we like to be in hurry and take things for granted, I ask that you please have a little compassion and let these people go ahead of you, after all these individuals have a “handicap”.

Thank you.

Roland Besner

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