South Glengarry will offer subsidized signs for Farm 911: The Emily Project

( via Newswatch Group)

LANCASTER – Signs and metal posts for a program to put 911 civic addresses on rural and agricultural properties will likely be offered to South Glengarry property owners half off.

Council reached a consensus Monday night to take applications for the signs and posts, which will be subsidized at 50 per cent.

The United Counties of SD&G gave each lower tier municipality $5,000 to help with putting the program in place.

At $60 a set, the $5,000 would have only produced 83 sign sets. But at a 50 per cent subsidy ($30 per set), there would be 166 sign sets available for purchase by local farmers and rural residents.

Most on South Glengarry council felt that it would be beneficial to have more signs available.

“A few of them will take them all,” Coun. Martin Lang said in the proposal for the “free” signs, opting for the 50 per cent subsidy. Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden said he would like to see more signs out while Coun. Sam McDonell said the free signs would result in a few people taking it all “off the hop.”

There will also be a limit of 10 civic address signs per single purchaser.

Council is expected to officially sign off on the program at its next meeting.

Farm 911: The Emily Project was created in memory of Emily Trudeau, a 7-year-old girl who died in a farming accident in Hastings County in 2014 after she fell out of a tractor. Paramedics were called but, with no civic address sign, they couldn’t find the property and had to be flagged down by family.