Cornwall awarded money for Brookdale Avenue widening, bike lanes

The City of Cornwall has been awarded $1.6 million to repair this section of Brookdale Avenue between Highway 401 and Tollgate Road, seen here on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The plan is to add bike lanes when the road is resurfaced. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The provincial government has awarded the City of Cornwall just over $1.6 million to widen a northern section of Brookdale Avenue and add bike lanes.

The announcement from the Connection Links fund came late Wednesday afternoon as the province announced that two dozen municipalities were getting a piece of the $30 million pie.

For Cornwall, it will mean rebuilding the road base, shoulders and ditches of Brookdale Avenue from the CNR overpass to Highway 401 and widening the shoulders to 1.5 meters on both sides for bike lanes. The road will still be two lanes of traffic.

This was the second time the city had applied for this project. It’s receiving $1,612,557 from Connecting Links. The funding is what the city had hoped to receive (90 per cent) for the $1.85 million project.

The section of road has been in bad shape for some time with cracks and ruts in the pavement.

Construction should be done before the end of next year.

The recent rebuild of the Canadian National Railway overpass was also built for bike lanes, meaning the northern section will tie into Tollgate Road at the south and give access to South Stormont’s trail system in the north.