Wind warning, flood watch for southern SD&G

SD&G – A very windy afternoon and evening is in store for the southern half of SD&G.

Environment Canada issued a wind warning for communities along southern SD&G, including Cornwall, Lancaster, Morrisburg and Long Sault.

It says wind out of the southwest will top 90 kilometers an hour late this afternoon and tonight. Also, in front of the wind is 25-35 millimeters (0.98-1.38 inches) of rain.

Even after the rain ends, the wind is still going to be kicking up out of the west.

Because of the rain and the stiff onshore breeze, coupled with higher than normal water levels, the South Nation Conservation Authority has issued a flood watch for the St. Lawrence River.

It says the strong wind will cause large waves “further aggravating” water levels and may flood buildings close to the shore.

The flood watch is in effect until Friday (April 17).

For the northern half of SD&G, the wind won’t be as strong and there’s not as much rain expected – gusts of 70 kilometers an hour, possibly 80, and 20-30 millimeters (0.79-1.18 inches) of rain.