Letter to the Editor: While you’re at home, reflect on government’s punitive climate change stance

In these tough times, and with many people sitting at home, I am hoping that we Canadians reflect a bit and review our government’s ongoing stance to hurt our economy and instead save the world from climate change and all worldly problems of war and human rights.

Our farmers and energy workers are suffering with punitive taxes and government policies that prevent Canada from developing our natural resources.

Meanwhile, the major powers of the world, U.S., Russia, China and India continue on their merry way looking out for their own interests.

In just a few years from now as the citizens of these countries will be feeding their children steak and lobster, while Canadians will have to settle for hot dogs and Kraft dinner.

It is time that we seriously consider “flattening the curve” of climate change initiatives that are hurting the economy in this country!

Robert Lamb