Deputy fire chief hired in South Glengarry

James Walker (bottom center) has been hired as the new deputy chief for the South Glengarry Fire Service, seen here in a South Glengarry council meeting on Monday, April 6, 2020. Also shown are (from top, left to right), Mayor Frank Prevost, Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden, Coun. Stephanie Jaworski, Coun. Martin Lang, Coun. Sam McDonell and Fire Chief Dave Robertson. (South Glengarry/Zoom via Newswatch Group)

LANCASTER – South Glengarry has added a deputy fire chief to its ranks.

The appointment of James Walker formally took place Monday night during a South Glengarry virtual council meeting.

Walker will also be the training officer, responsible for organizing, delivering and monitoring all training of volunteer firefighters, Chief Dave Robertson explained to council.

Walker had held multiple management positions within the fire department, most recently as assistant deputy chief at the Glen Walter station as well as being the department’s training officer.

Robertson says Walker started on March 30 and has already stepped up in his role.

“I know that in my absence three weeks ago, Mr. Walker was called upon to serve when council had a meeting in regards to the situation with COVID-19. I know he represented the fire service very well at that meeting,” the chief said.

“You’ve served our fire department well thus far and I trust you’ll continue to do well under the new title. Congratulations,” Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden said.

Coun. Stephanie Jaworski said it will be important to have steps in place to “demonstrate the training, the progress that we’ve made over time, now that we have this new position.” Chief Robertson said that is included in the fire department’s business plan.

As part of restructuring the department, the deputy chiefs at each of the five South Glengarry fire stations will now be called “station chief.”

The deputy fire chief position, which was included in the 2020 budget, pays between $55,228 and $65,045 a year plus benefits.