Crosswalk request for Second Street West near retirement home

A section of Second Street West near Riverdale Terrace retirement home on Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. A staff member of the retirement home has put a petition package together to ask city council for a crosswalk in this area. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – A staff member of a west-end retirement home has spearheaded a request for a crosswalk on Second Street West.

A petition from Riverdale Terrace Facility Coordinator Amanda Duff will be received by city council tonight (Monday).

Duff’s petition says the crosswalk is needed by the 1200 Second Street West facility to allow residents, guests and family to safely access either side of the street.

“I personally have a hard time to cross the road in front of our building and sometimes have just enough time to cross in a brisk walk. This would not leave enough time for a senior citizen or child to cross the road safely,” the petition reads.

The petition, which has over 300 supporters, is accompanied by letters of support from former MP Guy Lauzon, the principal of Viscount Alexander Public School and a couple of local businesses.

City council is expected to receive the petition and ask for a staff report on making the crosswalk a reality.