Smithfield Park building contract approved

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LANCASTER – A Spencerville company will be putting up a new community building at Smithfield Park in Lancaster this spring.

South Glengarry council approved the $233,440 contract for Bradford M. Hubbard Construction at its meeting Tuesday night (Feb. 18). The company was the lowest of four bidders.

The roughly 720 square foot building in the community park at the end of MacDonald Street will be able to hold 39 people.

The tender had been put out last fall but the lowest bid came in over budget. The municipality then decided to split the contract into two parts – one for the building and the other for the site servicing.

Even with the split contracts, the entire job is still going to come in about $54,000 over budget.

The servicing contract was awarded to Malyon Excavation of Cornwall at $141,029 – the lowest of six bidders.