Cornwall fire talking with EMS about sharing space at new station

Cornwall Fire Services Deputy Chief Jeff Weber and Chief Pierre Voisine speak to city council during budget deliberations on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. The chief and deputy chief say they are talking with Cornwall-SDG Paramedic Services about possibly have space for EMS on the site of a new fire station. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – The chief and deputy chief of Cornwall Fire Services say they are talking with Cornwall-SDG Paramedic Services about sharing space with paramedics at its soon-to-be-built fire station in the north end.

During the second day of budget deliberations Tuesday afternoon, Coun. Elaine MacDonald asked about having for an ambulance parked at the fire station and possible space, similar to how paramedics park at various locations in SD&G.

Deputy Chief Jeff Weber says they are “looking at that” and talking to EMS about it, but these are very early discussions.

Any possible ambulance bay would have to be added to the design and also the reason why a nearly six acre property was chosen for the fire station.

The 2020 budget includes $2.9 million toward the nearly $9 million fire hall to be built at the northwest corner of Tollgate Road and Brookdale Avenue by the end of 2021.