Iroquois schools locked down after student shows up with weapon

IROQUOIS – Two Iroquois schools were in lockdown early Tuesday morning after a student showed up at one of the schools with a weapon, O.P.P. told Cornwall Newswatch.

“A student came to the school (Seaway District High School) with an edged weapon. He was taken into custody,” Const. Tylor Copeland told CNW.

Copeland says the student was confronted and left the school, where he was arrested.

The situation was updated later in the morning to indicate that police went inside the building and were able to retrieve and seize the weapon for evidence.

Charges are pending in what police are calling a “threat incident.”

Copeland didn’t know what the student’s intentions were.

Around 8:30 a.m., Seaway District High School downgraded their lockdown to a hold and secure and Iroquois Public School called off their hold and secure.

O.P.P. say there were no injuries and no danger to staff and students.