Letter to the Editor: Cornwall police need to go back to ticketing drivers

In my mind at least, there is no mystery to any of this (Re: Cornwall traffic crashes climb 3.48% in 2019). Cornwall drivers have become accustomed to not making full stops at stop signs and not making a full stop at a red light, right turn! That’s it, look no further.

The extremely disturbing point that surfaces is that our local police force has ceased charging these offenders and the gig goes on and on!

Those of us obeying the traffic laws are constantly ducking these nitwits as they sail through intersections continuously at high speeds. Not once in awhile…continuously! Human behaviour would indicate that if an incorrect habit is not corrected and nipped in the bud, the bad behaviour continues and worse, it is catchy.

The police need to go back doing what they’re paid for, that is enforcing our laws, all of them! The proof is right there under their noses. They must go back to doing what they’re supposed to be doing!

Pierre Marcotte