Accused in fake court documents case facing threat charge

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LANCASTER – A South Glengarry man, accused to making up fake court documents, is now accused of threatening someone.

SD&G O.P.P. arrested 42-year-old Ryan Flaro on Tuesday (Dec. 17) and charged him with making threats and failing to comply with previous court conditions

He was kept in custody for a bail hearing in a Cornwall court.

Police say an adult victim in South Glengarry was threatened earlier this month. Investigators did not disclose the age or gender of the victim nor their relationship to the accused.

Flaro is already facing five counts of criminal harassment, two counts of making forged document, one count of impersonating a police officer, one count of careless storage of a firearm, two counts of obstructing justice and two counts of failing to comply with court conditions.

Those charges came in two sets – one set of charges in May and the other in October.

The charges are in connection to a case where packages of fraudulent court documents being sent through the mail which police say “targeted one individual, their associates and their place of business.”

A judicial pretrial was scheduled for last week on those charges.

There is a co-accused from Quebec facing similar charges in the court document case.