More Xmas lights wanted for Rotary Traffic Circle

In this November 2018, file photo, strands of Christmas lights shine in the trees in the Rotary Traffic Circle in Cornwall, Ont. The flag pole (background) doesn't have strands of lights because of a structural failure of the pole. The city later learned that the pole wasn't designed to handle Christmas lights. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A city councillor is looking to improve the Christmas lighting around the Rotary Traffic Circle.

“I was driving around the traffic circle. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on this. I want a report on what can be done. What does council need to do to increase that (lighting). I think the image of our city is important and I think right now the traffic circle is maybe not the best representation of our city right now,” Coun. Eric Bergeron said Monday night.

Coun. Justin Towndale supported Bergeron’s new business motion.

“Over the years growing up here and seeing the traffic circle it was always very bright at Christmas and now it’s come down from that a bit. It does reflect on our city but it’s also something the residents enjoy,” Towndale said.

The Christmas lighting around the circle – namely the Christmas tree of strands of lights – had a structural failure. The city later learned from the contractor that the flag pole wasn’t designed to hold the weight of those lights “despite the fact that it had done many years prior,” Parks General Manager Jamie Fawthrop told council.

The lights were also “toned down” during budget cuts a couple of years ago, Coun. Claude McIntosh stated.

A report on adding more lighting will come back to a future council meeting, possibly Dec. 9, though it’s not clear whether a change to the lighting will be made before Christmas.

The lights are usually left on until the end of January, Parks Supervisor Scott Porter said.

Bergeron also has asked for a report to restore the Canada 150 white lights in the trees in Lamoureux Park, which some councillors guessed could cost $200,000 or more.