Letter to the Editor: Many water meter complaints and beliefs are misguided

In recent days, I have read many attacks directed at our city council with regard to the implementation of water meters across the city.

Unfortunately, a large number of the complaints appear to be misguided as several people have stated there will be an increase of $770-$950 per year. In fact, if accepted, the cost for the water meter plan will be distributed across a 10-year period. This will break down to $6.40 to $7.91 per month.

Members of the community — at least those who are commenting on news reports on social media — are either concerned or convinced that water meters will not help decrease their household water bills even if they are low to moderate water consumers. I believe this to be false — there are many municipal case studies that show a decrease in most household water bills. If someone could point me to the studies that show a significant price increase in yearly water bills, I’d be interested in reading them.

Cornwall residents currently use an average of 450 liters of water per person every day. The average Canadian only uses 250. If Cornwallites are using 1.8 times more water than the national average, it’s incumbent upon us to join the rest of the country in water conservation efforts. Environmental factors aside, isn’t it time we ensure heavy users pay the actual costs associated with their usage?

As Cornwall works to grow its amenities, offerings, and services to be on par with other municipalities, I believe we should all support this initiative.

Andrew Seguin