Towndale ‘game’ on arcades in city limits

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

Update: The notice of motion was read at the council meeting with no discussion. The resolution will be coming to the Nov. 12 council meeting.

CORNWALL – From Donkey Kong to Mario Bros. and pinball games, a Cornwall councillor is tilting toward allowing arcades within the city limits.

Coun. Justin Towndale has asked for city council to consider repealing a section of the zoning bylaw that restricts arcades and large numbers of video game consoles in one location.

“Arcades have made a comeback in recent years, especially in cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Cincinnati and others,” Towndale’s proposal reads.

He says the restrictions from the early 1990s are outdated – intended at the time to curtail drug use and drug sales.

His proposal is supported by Coun. Dean Hollingsworth.

If approved, arcades could set up shop in the city immediately.