SDSG candidates talk business in Cornwall

The federal election candidates in SDSG take part in a question and answer breakfast meeting at the Ramada Cornwall on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. Pictured are Conservative Eric Duncan, Green Raheem Aman, Liberal Heather Megill, NDP Kelsey Schmitz and PPC Sabile Trimm. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – The federal election candidates in SDSG fielded questions from the business community Tuesday morning.

The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce held a breakfast question-and-answer session at Ramada Cornwall where roughly 30 people showed up.

The five candidates – Conservative Eric Duncan, Liberal Heather Megill, Green Raheem Aman, NDP Kelsey Schmitz and People’s Party of Canada Sabile Trimm – took questions on topics ranging from reducing red tape for business to bringing in more local workers.

On addressing small business challenges in Cornwall and area, Conservative Duncan said the federal government has to create an environment to help business, such as removing the bureaucracy of the Canada Revenue Agency. PPC Trimm and Green Aman talked about making improvements in cell and internet service and removing the digital divide while Liberal Megill said the region had to work on affordable housing to allow workers to live in the area.

The “debate” was very cordial with only the Conservative and Liberal candidates making a couple of sharp criticisms about their opposition.

This was the fifth or sixth meeting for the candidates on a stage in SDSG.

Advance polls wrapped up yesterday (Oct. 14) and Election Day is next Monday (Oct. 21).