Service awards for South Dundas firefighters

In this provided photo, members of the South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services receive awards for years of service during an annual recognition and awards dinner on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019. Pictured are Donald VanHoof, Les Crawford, Allan Brunt, Cole Veinotte, Mayor Steven Byvelds, Chief Cameron Morehouse, Bryan Holmes, Trevor Riopelle, Chris Paulino, Scott Verhey and Ray Hunter. (South Dundas via Newswatch Group)

MORRISBURG – Some South Dundas firefighters have been recognized for their lengthy service to the municipal fire department.

The members were singled out during the South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services annual recognition and awards dinner on Saturday (Oct. 5).

The following received awards (name, station, years of service):

  • Cole Veinotte, Morrisburg, 5 years
  • Zachary McMillan, Morrisburg, 5 years
  • Alan Garlough, Morrisburg, 5 years
  • Dave Nicolaassen, Morrisburg 20 years
  • Les Crawford, Iroquois, 5 years
  • Bryan Homes, Iroquois, 10 years
  • Chris Paulino, Iroquois, 10 years
  • Trevor Riopelle, Iroquois, 15 years
  • Scott Verhey, Iroquois, 15 years
  • Ray Hunter, Iroquois, 25 years
  • Shawn Markell, Iroquois, 25 years
  • John Cooke, Iroquois, 30 years
  • Sheldon Myers, Williamsburg, 5 years
  • Donald VanHoof, Williamsburg, 20 years
  • Allan Brunt, Williamsburg, 40 years

“We are fortunate to have such dedicated first responders working here in South Dundas. Our firefighters have made their community a priority, making sure they play a part in keeping it safe for everyone,” Mayor Steven Byvelds said.