Glen Walter Canada Day party will happen in 2020, organizers say

Glen Walter businessman Rizwan Mustafa speaks to South Glengarry council on Monday, July 15, 2019 while businessman Chris Bourgon looks on. The two organizers of the Glen Walter Canada Day festival say the event will be back in 2020. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

LANCASTER – With roughly $1,400 left over from this year’s Canada Day celebration in Glen Walter, the organizers of the inaugural event say they’ll be back next year.

Local businessmen Chris Bourgon and Rizwan Mustafa were at South Glengarry council Monday night (July 15) to thank the township for its support.

“We can’t say enough how well the community got together and supported us. It started off with an idea between the two of us. I hope this is a yearly thing that Chris and I continue with. Keep it safe. Keep it nice and fun,” Mustafa said.

“I think we’ve done a great job. We brought the community back together like it was when some of us were a little bit younger,” Bourgon added.

Bourgon also spoke a lot about the great level of cooperation and help from municipal staff.

“We will be back next year to ask for some more,” Bourgon said with a chuckle.

He said through “generous donations,” as well as the township support, they raised $15,000 in 15 months and the event cost roughly $12,000, leaving $1,200-1,400 for next year’s event.

In May, South Glengarry gave $3,000 for the fireworks display from its council grants and donations discretionary fund.

“Thank you, guys. It’s community-minded people like yourselves that give up their family time, some of their work time, for no money, just the gratitude of doing it,” Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden said.

Canada Day in 2020 falls on a Wednesday (July 1).