Two arrested for gun trafficking; six weapons recovered

In this Cornwall Police Service Twitter photo, a half dozen guns were seized on Monday, July 1, 2019 during a traffic stop on Race Street. Two men are facing a number of weapons-related charges. (CPS/Twitter via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – City police had a little more to celebrate on Canada Day as they recovered a number of stolen guns after a traffic stop on Race Street.

Officers found a half dozen stolen firearms – two shotguns and four handguns – as well as ammunition. One of the suspects was found before the traffic stop with a BB gun, which was a breach of his court conditions.

Police Chief Danny Aikman singled out two of his officers – Consts. Steve Jarvo and Dave Langlois – as well as the police platoon for getting the “firearms off the street before they got into the wrong hands.”

The two accused – both 28 years old from Cornwall – are facing a total of 29 weapons-related charges, including firearms trafficking.

Police say the two men had conspired to steal the guns from a man one of them knew.

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