Brookdale Avenue trees: nearly a quarter are dead or dying, arborist says

A stake holds up a now-dead tree along Brookdale Avenue at the intersection of Water Street on Monday, May 27, 2019. The city's arborist says about a quarter of all the trees planted between Water and Seventh Street West are dead or in poor condition. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – Nearly a quarter of the trees along Brookdale Avenue are either dead or on the verge of dying, the city’s arborist says.

Municipal Parks Supervisor Scott Porter, who is also a certified arborist, says 63 trees are dead or in poor condition between Water Street and Seventh Street West.

There were approximately 260 trees planted, leaving the amount of dead or poor trees around 24 per cent.

The planting and landscaping was part of the $75 million North Channel Bridge project.

The corridor opened to traffic in June 2017 and the planting happened shortly after, meaning the city might be able to get those dead or dying trees replaced on warranty.

Infrastructure Division Manager Michael Fawthrop told city council Monday night that the city will be exercising that warranty.

“That warranty’s nearing the end but we are aware of a number of trees that have died and are due to be replaced,” Fawthrop said.