The Merlin falcon is back, but where is it nesting?

In this provided graphic, orange squares mark out the possible nesting areas of the Merlin falcon in the City of Cornwall. The city is hoping to locate and have a falconer move the nest before the young hatch. (City of Cornwall via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – Those birds are back!

The Merlin falcon, which caused distress to many unsuspecting residents around Marleau Avenue and McConnell Avenue last year as it swooped in to defend its nest, is back in the area.

“A contracted falconer has been unable to locate the birds,” the city said.

The hope is that the nest can be located and moved by the falconer before the young birds leave the nest – that’s when the adults become aggressive.

If you know the nest location, call 613-930-2787 extension 2615 or email Jonathan Cosgrove at

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