Too much damage to SD&G welfare housing: Smith

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – The county appointee on the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation (CAHC) board says too many welfare housing units are getting rough and costly treatment by their tenants.

“There’s just too many of them (reports of damage) and some of them are really severe,” David Smith told county council Tuesday.

Smith says he finds it personally “frustrating” that they are “helping people who probably don’t need it as much” as those on a waiting list for social housing.

The South Stormont deputy mayor cited one case where a tenant who “had some problems” with police. They “found a lot of stuff in there that shouldn’t be there,” including a lot of cash.

“These (tenants) are getting a lower rent because they’re struggling and the amount of money that was found in there they could pay rent for several years,” Smith said.

He said that is one of the issues the social housing board is trying to fix.

The councillor didn’t say what social housing unit was busted by police. The housing corporation has over 2,000 rental units in the City of Cornwall and SD&G.

The CAHC board will hold elections Wednesday morning to pick a chairman and vice chairman.