Cornwall Rowing Club getting temporary home

A red hatched area on this City of Cornwall council agenda diagram shows where the Cornwall Rowing Club will be leasing land from the city over the next three years. The $1 per year lease will allow a storage container for their boats and equipment. (City of Cornwall via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – While spending years looking for a new home, the Cornwall Rowing Club will seal a deal with the city tonight (Monday) on a temporary location.

The city is prepared to enter into a three-year lease with the club to have a building in the western section of Guindon Park.

There have been unsuccessful attempts in the past to find a location, including the former Synagri plant property on Frontenac Street. The land, which is owned by the federal government, is part of a divestiture process and the feds don’t want the land tied up in a lease right now.

The long term plan is to find a permanent location for the Cornwall Rowing Club along the canal.

The three year lease is from May 1, 2019 to May 1, 2022 and will cost the club a legally symbolic $1 per year.

Those in the municipality also believe the partnership will be bring more activity to the park, which will help reduce acts of vandalism.

The Rotary Club gave $3,000 to the rowing club recently to help buy a storage container that will be placed near the washrooms at the boat launch off Trillium Drive.