Cornwall champion against brain cancer dies

In this photo from a GoFundMe page, local chiropractor Paul Poirier with fellow Kinsmen Jody Archambault. Poirier died Saturday, May 4, 2019 after a years long battle with brain cancer. (GoFundMe via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall businessman, chiropractor and brain cancer fighter has died.

Dr. Paul Poirier died this afternoon (Saturday). He was in his early 50s.

The owner of Earthway Family Chiropractic on Pitt Street was also the founder of Bikers Against Brain Cancer in 2010, which has raised thousands of dollars for research on the disease that was afflicting him.

Poirier was also a member of the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall.

In an October 2018 Facebook post, Poirier got bad news that his brain tumour has grown aggressively from grade 2 to grade 4 – the worst possible grade. It was the same situation as U.S. Senator John McCain before his death.

Poirier underwent a fifth brain surgery shortly after and then went through radiation treatment.

Meantime, Poirier had stepped aside from his practice to undergo treatment. A GoFundMe page was set up by his best friend, Josee Delisle, who was also an organizer for Bikers Against Brain Cancer.

Poirier is survived by his wife, Ginny Pereira, his two sons, Zack and Benny and daughter Crystal Kasanofski.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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