Cornwall ‘life on installment plan’ thief arrested again

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall man, told by a city judge last year that he was serving “life on the installment plan,” has found himself afoul of the law again.

Kyle Delorme, 26, was arrested yesterday (April 25) on two warrants and charged with robbery and breach of probation.

Delorme is accused of hitting a man in February and taking his wristwatch. Police arrested him yesterday after a Second Street convenience store was robbed of money and lottery tickets.

Less than a year ago – June 2018 – Judge Deborah Kinsella sentenced Delorme to 10 months in jail after he pled guilty to 15 charges in relation to a petty theft rampage in March.

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Kinsella was lenient with her sentence, suggesting the crimes warranted several years in prison, but she wanted Delorme to put it behind him and get his life in order.

Kinsella cautioned Delorme that he was serving “life on the installment plan” and harsher sentences could be in his future. “Luckily you’re not there yet but you maybe close to your last chance for that,” the judge said.

Delorme is being held for a bail hearing.