Waterfront land sales have South Glengarry councillor concerned

South Glengarry Coun. Stephanie Jaworski at a council meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019. Jaworski is concerned the township doesn't have a system in place to control sales of the waterfront land it owns. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

LANCASTER – A South Glengarry councillor is concerned the municipality doesn’t have a proper check, inventory or vision for its waterfront land.

Stephanie Jaworski raised her concern last week as council agreed to sell a small piece of land as surplus property on the south side of County Road 2, immediately west of Richmond Road, near Summerstown.

The land is 0.16 acres (0.06 hectares) and has 92 meters (300 feet) of frontage on the St. Lawrence River but the township is selling off a tenth of an acre (0.04 hectares) with 57 meters (187 feet) of frontage. The balance had to be held by the township for a road right-of-way and a fire hydrant.

“I feel that we’re very fortunate here in South Glengarry that we have the waterfront and we do have some sections of waterfront that the township still owns. I get the sense that we don’t really have a strategy when it comes to what we do with these pieces of land,” Jaworski said.

The councillor said it should be included in a recreation master plan.

“There’s only a limited amount. Once we sell it, it’s gone. I feel we should have more of a vision for what we’re doing with it,” she said.

Mayor Frank Prevost agreed with Jaworski about the limited waterfront property but this piece of property was “very narrow” and there was “probably not much we could do with it.”

“I agree, we’re losing our waterfront and we need to keep as much as we possibly can,” the mayor said.

The land sold for the appraised value to the homeowners on the other side of County Road 2. The amount of the sale to the Bellefeuille family was not disclosed.

While council heard Jaworski’s concerns, it didn’t take any sort of action on them during the April 15 meeting.