Traffic collisions in Cornwall up 6.5% in 2018

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – There was an increase in traffic collisions on Cornwall streets in 2018.

The Cornwall Police Service annual motor vehicle collision report shows there were 1,373 collisions in 2018 – 84 more than in 2017 (1,289). That’s a 6.5 per cent increase.

An overwhelming majority of the crashes happened when weather conditions were clear (1,119) and the roads were dry (915). Another 273 were on wet pavement.

As for the type of impact, 558 collisions were single vehicle crashes or cases where an unattended vehicle was hit, followed by 262 rear-enders and 252 during some sort of turning maneuver.

It should be noted that the severity of all these crashes has changed. The number of collisions were drivers could take the vehicle home or to the collision center was up almost 6 per cent while crashes that needed a tow truck were down just over 3 per cent.

The number of injuries to people involved in Cornwall traffic crashes was down about 7 per cent compared to 2017.

There were 18 cases were pedestrians were hit.

No one was killed in collisions within the City of Cornwall in 2018.